Quenching & Release Oils

We formulate our quenching oils from highly refined base stocks with inherently high thermal stability.

Our formulations incorporate the right additives to meet your needs, including:

  • Anti-oxidants for longer bath life at elevated temperatures
  • Rust inhibitors
  • Wetting agents that alter surface tensions and aid cooling during the vapor phase
  • Other accelerators to achieve specific quenching characteristics

Our quenching oils help ensure cooling at a sufficiently fast rate to reach your desired hardness and avoid the formation of soft constituents, cracking or distortion in your steel. Because this cooling rate can be influenced by a variety of factors - including the composition and thickness of the steel - it's critical to find a straight oil manufacturer that can assist you in proper fluid selection.

Wallover has the production expertise and technical knowledge to ensure you find the right quenching oil for your application. We also have state-of-the-art facilities to test your in-production oils and issue recommendations as to their continued use.

Click on one of our brochures for additional information or select a link below for literature on one of our specific straight oils or quenching oils. And then be sure to contact us for further details.

Quenching Oils Brochure Wocoform
Release Agents

Straight Oils

Wocoform 2000 | LIT | MSDS

Wocoform 2010 | LIT | MSDS

Wocoform 3000 | LIT | MSDS

Wocoform 4000 | LIT | MSDS

Quench Oils

Wocoquench 115 | LIT | MSDS

Wocoquench 715 | LIT | MSDS

Wocoquench 1010 | LIT | MSDS

Wocoquench 1015 | LIT | MSDS