Machine Shop

Wallover understands the competitive environment in which today’s machine shops are operating. That is why it is so important machine shops employ high quality lubricants matched to the task at hand. These metalworking fluids are designed to minimize premature fluid degradation, and tool failure. The goal is to help your shop reduce overall costs by optimizing part quality. At Wallover, we have a broad menu of lubricants specifically designed to provide quantifiable cost savings for your shop.

  • Our on-site laboratory will develop custom formulations designed to solve a specific problem if our standard products are not appropriate
  • Full range of tested lubricants offered through our extensive distribution network
  • Knowledgeable account managers who can answer your questions and hold your hand through the entire sales and support process

Following are Wallover products for the Machine Shop Industry

Machine Coolants

WS 7450 | LIT | MSDS

WS 6600 | LIT | MSDS
Heavy-Duty Chemical Emulsion, Chlorine free

WS 6900 | LIT | MSDS
Premium, high performance, biostable Micro-Emulsion coolant

WS 8035 | LIT | MSDS
Medium duty Synthetic machining & grinding coolant, ferrous metals

WS 8065 | LIT | MSDS
Heavy duty oil-rejecting Synthetic machining & grinding coolant for stainless steel and difficult alloys

Lubricating Way Oils

Wocoway 2 | LIT | MSDS

Wocoway 4 | LIT | MSDS

Lubricating Hydraulic Oils




Rust Preventitive

Wocotec 3012 | LIT | MSDS

Wocotec 3212 | LIT | MSDS

Wocotec 4410 | LIT | MSDS


Prokleen 3001 | LIT | MSDS

Cutting Oils - Stainless Steel Machining

Procut SS | LIT | MSDS

Procut SSLV | LIT | MSDS

Cutting Oils - General Purpose

Wococut 169 | LIT | MSDS

Cutting Oils - Screw Machining

SM 150 | LIT | MSDS

Cutting Oils - Swiss Machining

Procut 83 | LIT | MSDS