Drawing & Stamping Fluids

Industry leaders across the globe depend on Wallover drawing and stamping fluids to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Our complete family of fluids for stamping and drawing includes:

We also offer fluids for cold heading, fine blanking and extruding.

We manufacture task-specific products for the full spectrum of drawing and stamping processes, from piercing and fine blanking to embossing, bending and flanging, for use in a wide range of industries, such as:

Despite the complex and multi-faceted nature of die stamping and metal drawing, Wallover’s years of manufacturing and laboratory expertise ensure you receive the right fluids to meet your requirements.

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Drawing/Stamping Brochure Metal Forming Questionnaire

Straight Oils

Prodraw 100 | LIT | MSDS

Prodraw 125 | LIT | MSDS

Prodraw 150 | LIT | MSDS

Soluble Oils

Prodraw 200 | LIT | MSDS

Prodraw 220 | LIT | MSDS

Wocodraw 34 | LIT | MSDS


Prodraw 365 | LIT | MSDS

Cold Heading

Wocodraw 10 | LIT | MSDS

Wocodraw 20 | LIT | MSDS

Vanishing Oils

Vanishing Oil 3 | LIT | MSDS

Fine Blanking

Posi-Draw 309 | LIT | MSDS


W-373 Extrude | LIT | MSDS