Chlorine Free Lubricants

In response to growing environmental concerns about the ongoing use of metalworking lubricants that contain chlorine, Wallover has introduced a line of chlorine-free lubricants designed to meet these environmental requirements.

European regulations including Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) significantly restrict the use of chlorinated paraffins that are typically used as cost-effective extreme pressure additives.

With a track record of success in Europe, chlorine-free lubricants are being specified more and more in US plants and have proven effective even in many of the most demanding machining conditions.

Below is a list of Chlorine-Free Lubricants offered by Wallover.

Machine Coolants

WS 8800 | LIT | MSDS

WS 7900 | LIT | MSDS

WS 6600 | LIT | MSDS

WS 8065 | LIT | MSDS

Drawing & Stamping

Prodraw 220 | LIT | MSDS

Prodraw 365 | LIT | MSDS

Cutting Oils

Procut 82 | LIT | MSDS

Procut 128 | LIT | MSDS

SM 165 | LIT | MSDS