About Wallover, a Leading Metalworking Fluids Manufacturer

Corporate Brochure (PDF)

Chartered in 1863, Wallover is one of the oldest independent metalworking fluids manufacturers in the United States today, but we have products and technology that will lead our industry well into the 21st. century. We have three state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and distribution across the country. We have staffed our facilities with personnel who are experienced in providing efficient, courteous service to our customers.

Our Laboratory

To assure customers that our products are technically correct every time, we maintain a comprehensive in-house laboratory, one of the best operated by U.S. metalworking fluids manufacturers. The laboratory,  is outfitted with state-of-the-art instrumentation including, gas chromatographs, FTIR, particle counter, x-ray fluorescent analyzing, and a full complement of wet testing equipment.


We produce advanced industrial lubricants from three modern plants, which operate efficiently using a controlled and systematic approach to blending. Combined with one of the most experienced workforces among U.S. metalworking fluids manufacturers, this allows us to optimize our plant capacities and capabilities. As a result, Wallover is proud to have ISO 9001-2008 certification.

Research & Development

As a leading metalworking fluids manufacturer, Wallover Oil provides new and innovative ways to meet tomorrow's challenges in industrial lubrication through a structured R & D program. Our R & D chemists use the most technologically advanced chemistries to produce the finest lubricants in the marketplace. Our experienced R & D team will analyze your system and recommend the best lubricant for your needs to help optimize your operation.

Sales & Service

In today's world of increased efficiencies, service after the sale has become a key factor in choosing a lubricant supplier. Whether for chemical management, engineering, recycling, consulting, troubleshooting, laboratory analysis or just-in-time delivery, Wallover's experienced personnel are committed to providing superior service for all your lubrication requirements.


Today's oil business is service, period! Our customers require immediate response to their needs. This includes just-in-time deliveries of quality controlled products. Whether using common carriers or our own fleet of transports, tank trucks or drum trucks, there is no room for error. It is our job to make sure the product arrives on time, and in spec.

If you’re looking for a metalworking fluids manufacturer that delivers, you’re looking for Wallover Oil. Contact us now to see how our lubricants can help optimize your operation.